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Positive vs. Negative Leadership


Positive Leadership is when you train, develop, motivate, and inspire, those you lead. Negative Leadership is when you identify the consequences of poor or inadequate performance or behavior. Negative leaders anticipate failure and focus on the failures and shortcomings.

Effective leaders set goals and develop plans to provide subordinates with the tools and skills to achieve and to succeed. Leaders make their followers want to meet the goals set and establish the conditions that will provide the ability to maximize their performance. Positive leadership focuses on the positive qualities present in all of us, it’s what makes us want to perform as well as we can to achieve all that is there to achieve.

Negative leaders focus on the shortfalls and errors made by individuals. Negative Leaders identify the consequences of poor performance before the poor performance has occurred as well as after it occurs. When a negative leader informs everyone that two late arrivals in a month will result in a formal reprimand, that statement informs the entire work group, “I know I can’t trust you all to show up on time so here is how I will punish you when you let me down.”

A Positive Leader expects the work group to do as expected and arrive on time. If the situation requires late arrivals to be addressed to the group. A Positive leader would address it like this. “Our scheduling and performance as a group depends on all of us arriving on time every day. I want to thank you all for your efforts and your on time arrival on a daily basis. Your dedication and hard work is the major reason we are such a strong work group and an effective team.”

That statement informs the group that on time arrival is important and commends the majority of the group for their consistent on time arrival. For the few individuals who may be a problem, they’re aware that on time arrival is important and an area of concern. The leader took a positive point of view to get the point across.

Positive Leaders look for the ways to achieve difficult goals. A Positive leader looks at a difficult situation and says, “We can do this.” They find ways to inspire and motivate their team to reach these goals. As obstacles and problems cross their paths, they work with their team to overcome the obstacles and achieve the goals.

Negative leaders will threaten and bully the team as they try to achieve any goal. A Negative leader looks at a difficult situation and says, “If you don’t get that done I’ll find someone who can do it.”

Positive leaders are out in front and they lead by example. They stay out in front and approach each day with a ‘Follow Me” attitude. When one member of the team falls or stumbles, the leader is there to help them up, brush them off and lead them back to the team. The positive leader approaches that fall with an attitude that says, “Let’s go forward together, we can overcome this and we can make it back together”

Negative leaders watch from the sidelines and identify shortcomings and failures as well as provide consequences for those shortcomings. When one member of the team falls or stumbles, the leader is there to berate them and slap them for their failure. They also use that failure as a club for future failures. They don’t provide a reason or an inspiration to succeed they provide consequences for failing to achieve.

Positive leaders make the work group feel that someone is in charge and as a team they can achieve any goal and overcome any obstacle.

Negative leaders walk into a room and carry a dark cloud with them. The dark cloud is filled with anxiety, stress, or fear.

The work group run towards a positive leader to look for advice or guidance and to find inspiration and motivation. Interaction with the positive leader makes individuals feel good and feel confident about the current situation and the future. Contact with the positive leader brings comfort, inspiration and motivation, all of these are positive for the work group.

The work group tries hard not to make eye contact let alone communicate with a negative leader. The negative leader brings tension and stress that should not exist in the work place. Contact with the negative leader fails to make any positive contribution to the work group.

Positive Leaders provide a stabile consistent presence to the work group. The work group is comfortable that all will be well when the Positive Leader is present. Steady leadership based on positive principles will lead any work group through the most difficult situations. The positive leader will  focus on accomplishments, and maintain an optimistic vision of the goals and opportunities that are there to achieve.

Leadership is a skill that looks into those who are being led and finds the strengths and qualities that exist and magnifies them. Small skills and abilities are nurtured and developed into strengths and abilities that grow and become contagious. Effective Leadership leads and as a group they achieve more than the individuals can achieve on their own.

Positive Leadership adds to the group. Negative leadership takes away from the group. Who do you want to follow a Positive Leader or  Negative Leader?


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